South African insurance guru Clive Sussman has launched Insure Corp Brokers, a first for the local insurance industry.

The National insurance broking firm, with head offices in Cape Town, South Africa, is a juristic representative of Lionel Isaacs Insurance Brokers and is a specialist in short-term insurance cover and solutions. Lionel Isaacs Insurance Brokers was established in 1963.

Sussman is founder and CEO of Insure Corp Brokers, which will focus on a high nett-worth clientele and businesses across the board. It will offer a broad range of insurance products and solutions and will centre its effort on building and nurturing personal relationships, and uncompromised service.

Sussman has bundled over half a century of global intellectual property with customer centric processes and the latest innovative technology to revolutionise the insurance services space.

He started his career in insurance in 1967 at a leading London-based brokerage and went on to a hugely successful career where he developed his skills, showed his talent and gained extensive global experience at Lloyds of London.

“I have a passion for people. I understand that people must be at the centre of a business. Business is all about relationships, where businesses don’t do business with other businesses, but rather people do business with people. We exist for our clients. ,” says Sussman.

The seasoned professional believes the insurance industry is an area in which technology must be integrated and used to support traditional values and practices.

“While we have the latest innovative technology that enables our operation to remain a step ahead, we have bundled the human relationship and touchpoint to ensure we are closely connected with our workforce and most importantly our customers. Nothing can replace the personal service or relationship. ,” he adds.

“The world has fundamentally changed. Insurance has changed, yet many of the traditional players are playing catch-up. This is where we have found a gap and the timing couldn’t be better for Insure Corp Brokers”, comments Sussman

“So, while niche brokers are being snapped up by corporates in order to maintain an element of personalisation, we have built Insure Corp Brokers with the strong corporate governance and compliance that exists in enterprise business coupled together with entrepreneurial innovation and personalisation that is at the heart of a boutique business,” he says.

July 24, 2015 Press Releases