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    More than 30% of damage to machinery is caused by operator error. And then there’s the loss of income and costs of business interruption, none of which are covered by maintenance contracts and warranties. Engineering insurance will cover all of these risks and all the equipment you depend on to run your business. It protects electrical systems, heating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems, mechanical equipment, modern office and production related equipment will you get on with the business of running a business.

    • Contractors All Risk

    Congratulations! You got awarded the contract but aree you prepared for the risks? From beginning to end the contract has many potential risks that could have long-term effects on your business. Weather damage, materials theft, public liability there is so much that could go wrong and we’re on board to make sure that you, at very least have the right protection and affordable cover. Lets discuss the cover you need. Click here.

    • Erection Testing & Transit

    It’s simple really. The bigger the project, the bigger the risk. Erection All Risk policies provide the cover needed against the risk of loss, property damage, personal injury for contractors and subcontractors as a result of the erection and installation of machinery, plant and steel structures. And like all contracts, you need cover planned around your specific needs.  Let us get the proper plan in place for you. Click here.

    • Guarantees – Performance & Retention

    It happens. Contractors miss deadlines, go over budget, go off spec or worse all three. And that can cost both time and money, but it shouldn’t be yours. Guarantees are there to make sure that as best as possible this doesn’t happen on your project. Lets get you covered before your next project starts. Click Here

    • Liability

    Of all the risks, being sued for damages or injury that occurred on site is one of the biggest that Contractors face. Legal fees, judgements and settlements are almost always unbudgeted for and present a serious financial risk to your company.  Talk to us about the proper cover now.

    • Plant All Risk / Machinery Breakdown

    All plants and machinery have down time. Unexpected downtime is where the problem lies as it can lead to unbudgeted repair or replacement costs, unnecessary delays and missed deadlines, all of which put your business at risk. The trick is to get it back online in the most efficient and cost effective way and that’s why you need Plant All Risk insurance.  Avoid unnecessary downtime. Lets get you covered.


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